Tuesday 13 December 2011

Inspiration and Second Chap

Ma's work circa mid 1970s. Wool and net on linen.

My mum is a stitcher too - I just discovered this at her best friends house - never noticed it before. She said, 'oh, I only made it from a kit,' but isn't it amazing? Again, my phone's camera doesn't really capture it. The trees and sunset are made from layers of net - I love the effect and the colours.

My big sister, Elizabeth Ruth, 1978

My first chapbook is inspired by Elizabeth's story - Good Condolences. See earlier blog post

My latest stitching experiment. Cotton threads on canvas.

I tried to stitch the phone from Good Condolences' cover free-hand...turns out that with as few wobbles, I could. I am hoping to create a series of canvases to accompany my chapbooks. Watch this blog for more info.

Swallow - front
Swallow - back
And finally, my second chapbook is finally for sale on Etsy!


  1. Love your mum's work - it's gorgeous! And congratulations on your second chapbook - you're an old hand now!

  2. Thank you - I am hoping to get started on number three in the new year. My mum makes all sorts of things, and has taught me a lot - not least how to fix things when I've gone wrong!

    Thanks for the support - I'm loving your blog too!