Thursday, 24 November 2011


I wish I could do something cool like free-running, but I can't. I can do free-stitchin'.

Inspired by a college art exhibition in Mdina, Malta - I have had a go at stitching on canvas. My efforts are not any where near as good as those of the art student in Mdina, but whatev - she's probably got younger fingers. I wondered about drawing the design on first, but I thought it would probably show outside the thread lines. So, instead, I went for it free-style and stuck to shapes I was already familiar with drawing. Here are the results:


SWALLOW Hirundo rustica

All three...

Looking at these on the screen, I am pretty appalled at the quality of my photography. Part of the problem is that it's dark a lot of the time and daylight is the only good light for photographing things, but partly it's because I am rubbish at it. These do look a bit better in real life - and will be for sale at No10 in Bath on Saturday. 

It was only when I came to doing the third canvas that I thought I could link to my chapbooks - I might try to improve my stitchery and make some more linked pictures. Hope you like them!

Monday, 7 November 2011

Cover and Coloured Card

Da-da! Below is Chapbook Two, SWALLOW Hirundo rustica

After another holiday, I finally got around to finishing the 'difficult second chapbook.' I don't think it's really appropriate for me to allude to writing a novel - I have never done it - and the idea gives me the shivers. But, I have struggled to get this second one finished, it seems like forever since I sat up late writing the actual story - all the other stuff takes the time. I think at present, though, I wouldn't have it any other way - I like making things start to finish. 

I am currently printing out a final draft with page numbers - the 'dress rehearsal copy' for my sister/copy editor to have a look at tomorrow. I had a lot of hassle trying to source recycled coloured card (that will fit through my printer - kindly given by my boss, Dan). I have found some lovely companies making lovely recycled paper and card - but so far none of it has fitted the bill. I'm really sad about this, because I would love to use recycled paper and card. I will keep looking...

I spent ages on the pictures in this book - I never realised I was a perfectionist until I started writing and I never knew that I was a special kind of perfectionist until I started making chapbooks.  

Still, SWALLOW will be on sale by the end of the week on etsy (I hope) and you can judge for yourselves if it is as good as the last one (if you thought that one was good). I am also sending a few copies down to No10 in Bath. There will be heaps of gorgeous things for sale with tea and cake. I can't make it, sadly, but my little books will be winging their way there shortly. 

Alongside the books, some of my embroidery will be for sale (photos coming soon). I was inspired at an exhibition in Malta to sew on a pre-stretched canvas - so I've been having a go at that.