Thursday 25 October 2012

Book Group Reading

I've never been to a book group or book club before, but I heard they were everywhere and I thought one would make a good and captive audience for a reading. A few weeks ago I left my contact details at my local libraries for them to pass on to book groups. The following week I had two phone calls from two separate groups.

This morning, then, I read my story, Good Condolences, to a book group that meets at Newport Pagnell library. It was a very enjoyable experience for me and they said, for them too.

When I'd finished reading, people asked me questions and talked about the characters in my story as if they were real people. I suppose they are now. I've made something that sort-of breathes for itself. Creation is fun - creation with a small 'c,' but we all know, as Peter Parker's Aunt May says, 'with great power comes great responsibility' (Spider-Man).

People in the group shared their stories - their personal stories - and I felt nothing but privilege and gratitude. It was magic.

I'm reading to a different book group in a couple of weeks, I wonder if they will enjoy the story as much - I hope so!


I have had a busy week so I forced myself to go for walks. It's pretty lush outside at the moment...

Thursday 4 October 2012

Good Condolences - more copies available!

A couple of people asked me at Greenbelt if I had any more of 'the green ones' (Good Condolences) and I didn't. But I have just finished a fresh batch and they're available on etsy or if you don't do etsy, or can't afford £6.50, send me an email or do a comment below and we'll discuss delivery. 

If you want more info about this chapbook, look at an earlier blog post

Tuesday 2 October 2012

Start 'em young...

The young artist who helped to illustrate Map is my cousin Millie. 

Amelia Grace Kay spots her handy-work.
The middle pages of Map include a fold-out section which made for a nice effect, but a more fiddly process - here's a preview - the 'map' of the title : 

Middle pages of Map

Finished Article