Monday 21 January 2013

Libraries I have known: Two and Three

Two: Newport Pagnell Public Library*

There were two small public libraries near my house, but for some reason, we only visited the one in Newport Pagnell (we went to Olney for the market on Thursdays and to Bedford to get our hair cut).

We would go to Newport Library on Saturdays mostly - the only books I remember getting out were Raymond Briggs' Father Christmas and Willy the Wimp by Anthony Browne. Newport Library had a very colourful children's section and I was proud of my very own library card. My only other memory of the library was that I always wanted to get out books that were far too young for me. I had my own copy of The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark, and read it over and over.


Three: Austin Public Library, Old Quarry Branch

We spent some time in Texas when I was nine, with my dad's work. While there we would head to the Austin Public Library every Monday evening, before going for ice cream at the local mall. I have no recollection of what we read or borrowed, but for some reason the library is the one I imagine when I read Roald Dhal's Matilda. Perhaps I read that there, or perhaps I felt as small as Matilda in that giant building. While we lived in Austin I read The Wombles and Ramona The Brave. At school, I had to do a book review of The Lemonade Trick. I didn't manage to finish the book, being a very slow reader, but I managed to do a drawing for the front of the review. 


*More recently I have borrowed CDs, DVDs and audio books from Newport Pagnell Library and given a reading there.

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