Tuesday 29 January 2013

Libraries I have known: Four

While I was at secondary school I don't remember frequenting any libraries apart from the school one, which seemed only to contain Career Advice.

Four: Lancaster University Library

Lancaster was the next library I knew. This was the first library where I felt the excitement of reading and learning new things. I learned to skim-read at Lancaster and pick out juicy bits from a big stack of books. I had Ideas at Lancaster University Library. I would often be forced to sit with friends who, looking back, I didn't really want to sit with. I liked sitting on my own in the library with my Ideas and my Thoughts. 

It was while I was at Lancaster that I discovered how much I loved writing. I remember realising one day that I could, in fact, do whatever I wanted. 

Being a student meant time - time to sit on a kick stool in the stacks and flick through peoples' brains.

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