Wednesday 27 June 2012

The beginning of the end...

I am in the final stage of chapbook three, Map. I have faffed around with pens, paper and pictures for months, and the story has changed a little. Tonight I trimmed, edited and polished each page and dreamed about it all being finished. Tomorrow I will try to work out pagination (difficult for someone who struggles not only with left and right, but also with numbers) and complete the cover. I have finished working for tonight, but am not ready to sleep, so here I am.

I'm not very confident about this third chap: perhaps it's because it's the third, or perhaps because my old fear is returning that all my stories are the same. But I do think it's an important story, and I am pleased with the pictures. I commissioned my young cousin, Millie, to do two of the illustrations for me. She sent through exactly what I wanted, and those pictures alone are worth reading the book for. She is seven and a quiet genius.

The completion of Map brings my chapbook project to an end, and although I've learnt a lot, I am pleased to be finishing. Making books is really hard work, but it is rewarding. When I see the three complete books sitting side by side, I will be happy indeed. And then, after I've sold one or two (hopefully), I'll start the next thing....

Meet my new typewriter, isn't it lovely?

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