Thursday 24 May 2012

Deborah Fielding's Adventure with Scientists!

I hoped I wouldn't neglect my blog, but I also hoped I would get other opportunities to write alongside making my chapbooks... So I hope you'll understand. 

Over the last couple of months I have been given two opportunities to write stories for other people. First, I will write about my Adventure with Scientists, and then I'll tell you about my commission for .Cent Magazine

I heard about Science Writes to Life through my brother-in-law, Dr. Ryan Pink - the Health & Life Sciences and Creative Writing departments at Oxford Brookes said 'the more the merrier,' so on the 30th April I found myself meeting with developmental psychologist Dr. Louise Bunce in Oxford. 

Louise told me a bit about her research into when children learn to distinguish between 'real' and 'pretend.' If you'd like to learn more, look at Louise's Linkdn page here. We talked not only about her work, but about mine too and the creative process. We both went away full of ideas and I came up with this story inspired by her work. 

On the 11th May, we met again at the Pagasus Theatre in Oxford to present the work that our collaboration had produced. Louise and I were joined by other scientists from the Health and Life Sciences Department, and other writers, notably Fiona Sampson. It was an astonishing evening and so so interesting - everything was good. There's a local review here.

Several weeks earlier, I was asked to write a 300 word short story on the theme of 'Confection' for .Cent Magazine. I was thrilled to be asked - the story (and illustration) are here in the latest issue!

I'm starting to think that commissions are fun - there's nothing like a challenge!


In other news, my 7 year old cousin, Millie, is helping me with illustrations for Chap 3 - I am hoping to get it done in the next couple of weeks!

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