Monday 25 March 2013

Libraries I have known: Six and Seven

My blog has been quiet of late - I have been sitting in libraries rather than writing about them. I'm researching a novel. Today I sat in a university coffee shop surrounded by books and took some good long gulps of words (you know, from the books).

The Cafe Bookshop
Six : The UEA Library

Here I spent lots of time in the computer lab with floppy discs and memory sticks. I didn't have the internets in my house, so I would save things onto sticks and then go to campus to print and copy. Several times floppy discs were corrupted and much steam came from my ears. I would also sit the floor in the stacks for hours a a time before taking piles of books back to my house. Here, I also rang my friend to ask her if the synopsis was included in the dissertation word count. She suggested I take into consideration how long it was already. She was over the limit so didn't count her synopsis, but I was way under, so I did.

The campus library and the public library on Colman Rd were where I kept in touch with the world outside Norwich. 

Seven : Earlham Library 

Earlham Library was just around the corner from my house in 'The Golden Triangle.' I went there primarily to check my email and secondarily to borrow DVDs. I also visited the Forum Library in central Norwich, but not very often, so it doesn't warrant 'Number Eight' on the list. 

I did read books in Norwich, but I also watched a heck of a lot of DVDs.

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