Monday 10 September 2012

To make a chapbook...

For the person who wanted to know how to physically make a chapbook, here is the instructions that I use. If you want to make chapbooks or pamphlets in a hurry, I would have a good practice beforehand. You will get quicker, but the process is still long and involved - a labour of love.

By far the most difficult part is getting the pages in the right order (it's always a good idea to put page numbers on). When I first started, I bound a book with blank pages. Now I use that one to work out which page goes where. 

I use photoshop to design each page and then print a dummy copy for proof reading, before making a batch. 

It didn't take long to explain that, but it takes a long long time to do it. 

All worth it, if you want to make a pretty book. 

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